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Andrea Pippins
Andrea Pippins
Designer, Blogger, Educator
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Inspiration :
I’m constantly inspired by the world around me in an ever-evolving way: barbershop signs from Africa, the photographs of Malick Sidibé and Seydou, the rich colors and patterns of Matisse. Looking to surface designs for pattern and color inspiration is an ongoing interest. I’m also drawn to stories of young women from diverse backgrounds; they inspire the stories I tell in my work. And I have a mild obsession with magazines and books. My art, fashion and design library makes me happy.
About :
Andrea Pippins is an artist, influencer and designer. With a BFA in graphic design, Andrea spent time designing professionally before pursuing her MFA. Her work has been published in well-known publications such as Graphis New Talent and has received numerous awards including the Best Identity in the 2008 Flux Design Competition. Andrea is currently Assistant Professor of Art at Stevenson University and is the creator of the fashion, art and design blog, Fly: a weekly resource to inspire young women to pursue their creative passions. She also creates her own art exploring color, pattern and texture, and infuses it with her personal experiences as an African-American woman. In 2012, Andrea was recognized as one of Dell’s 100 Most Inspiring People. Because of her trend expertise and influence, major brands like Vogue Italia’s Black Vogue and Gap have sought her for cross-collaboration and she was invited to speak at the Meninas Black Power event in Rio, among many other recent honors.
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