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Traditional Elegance

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Complement classic interiors with timeless images of nature, travel, and leisure. Renoir, Monet and Whistler offer a glimpse into the past that pairs well with the glamour of a gilded frame. Symmetrical groupings of framed pieces create a tailored look to stand the test of time. (Photography by Photoshot/Red Cover/Ken Hayden)
Fruit on a Cloth - Framed Art Print
Fruit on a Cloth
Framed Art Print, 11 x 11cm
Print temporarily out of stock
Symphony in White, No - Framed Art Print
Symphony in White, N...
Framed Art Print, 22 x 22cm
Print no longer available
Modèle de parterre de jardin circulaire - Framed Art Print
Modèle de parterre d...
Framed Art Print, 70 x 70cm
188,90 € 94,45 €
Boulevard Des Capucines - Framed Art Print
Boulevard Des Capuci...
Framed Art Print, 51 x 67cm
200,90 € 100,45 €
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - Framed Art Print
Eiffel Tower, Paris,...
Framed Art Print, 65 x 80cm
298,90 € 149,45 €
Two Sisters, or on the Terrace, 1881 - Framed Art Print
Two Sisters, or on t...
Framed Art Print, 48 x 55cm
234,90 € 117,45 €
Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son - Framed Art Print
Woman with a Parasol...
Framed Art Print, 22 x 22cm
Print no longer available
Audubon: Sparrow, 1827 - Framed Art Print
Audubon: Sparrow, 18...
Framed Art Print, 27 x 27cm
Print no longer available
Great Blue Heron - Framed Art Print
Great Blue Heron
Framed Art Print, 62 x 77cm
132,90 € 66,45 €
Water Lilies, Nympheas - Framed Art Print
Water Lilies, Nymphe...
Framed Art Print, 15 x 15cm
Print no longer available
Snap the Whip - Framed Art Print
Snap the Whip
Framed Art Print, 83 x 58cm
269,90 € 134,95 €
Rain Steam and Speed, the Great Western Railway, Painted Before 1844 - Framed Art Print
Rain Steam and Speed...
Framed Art Print, 58 x 48cm
161,90 € 80,95 €
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