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Mid Century Madness

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Go mad for Mod! Invite some Abstract Expressionists into your home and embrace this timeless movement. The mid-20th century was all about clean lines and bold pops of color. Hang a splashy Pollock over a sleek sofa. Cover your walls with the color fields of Morris Louis and Mark Rothko. Keep frames simple for a look that never goes out of style. (Photography: Photoshot/Red Cover/James Mitchell)
Green Midcentury Living Room - Framed Art Print
Green Midcentury Liv...
Framed Art Print, 72 x 55cm
Print temporarily out of stock
Untitled, Anthropometry, c.1960 (ANT101) - Framed Art Print
Untitled, Anthropome...
Framed Art Print, 43 x 74cm
109,90 € 82,42 €
Number 10, 1950 - Framed Art Print
Number 10, 1950
Framed Art Print, 28 x 39cm
74,90 € 56,17 €
Number 19, c.1962 - Framed Art Print
Number 19, c.1962
Framed Art Print, 36 x 135cm
439,90 € 329,92 €
Sphynx Atelier - Framed Art Print
Sphynx Atelier
Framed Art Print, 84 x 85cm
Print temporarily out of stock
1964 - Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print, 77 x 107cm
319,90 € 239,92 €
Chairman of the Board, c.1971 - Framed Art Print
Chairman of the Boar...
Framed Art Print, 102 x 51cm
362,90 €
No. 14 (Gray) - Mounted Print
No. 14 (Gray)
Mounted Print, 71 x 52cm
109,90 € 82,42 €
Untitled, c.1953 - Framed Art Print
Untitled, c.1953
Framed Art Print, 107 x 117cm
Print temporarily out of stock
Africa, c.1965 - Framed Art Print
Africa, c.1965
Framed Art Print, 135 x 59cm
514,90 € 386,17 €
AF-7458291 - Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print, 41 x 49cm
Print temporarily out of stock
Who's Afraid of Red and Yellow? - Framed Art Print
Who's Afraid of Red ...
Framed Art Print, 55 x 83cm
Print temporarily out of stock
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