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Erin Loechner
Erin Loechner
Founder and Editor of ClementineDaily.com
  United States
Follow 332962744
Inspiration :
I'm immensely inspired by the everyday details of life - the seemingly mundane moments that we swear we'll never remember, but find we've never forgotten. Brewed coffee, white sheets, bubble baths, fresh laundry, road trips, dog-eared books. To me, art is in everything.
About :
Erin Loechner is Founder and Executive Editor of ClementineDaily.com, the modern woman's guide to a sweeter everyday. Leading over 16 million women online in their quest to discover balance, inspiration and growth amidst life's busier moments, Loechner has been praised as a highly-acclaimed speaker, writer and designer of her generation.

Her work can be found in a variety of outlets from her two personal, design-centered blogs (DesignforMankind.com and DesignforMinikind.com) as well as the various books, publications and magazines that feature her work regularly: Lucky, Glamour, Redbook, Elle Decor, Huffington Post, London Times, Dwell and CNBC.
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